Choose Learning; Choose Friendship; Choose Kindness

(School Council & School Governors 2023)

Aims & Values


At Walkern School we aim to :

  • give all our children the opportunity for a broad and balanced education so that they can maximise their potential to learn and be prepared for life.
  • enable our children to develop academically, spiritually, socially, culturally and morally. 


We will achieve this by providing our children with:

  • a safe environment within which they can learn with confidence.
  • a challenging and engaging curriculum which is taught in accordance with national standards.
  • a range of activities, resources and teaching to suit the children's needs as a whole and as individuals.
  • support and stimulation to promote the children's desire to learn, as well as a positive example for them to follow.
  • opportunities to develop self respect and self discipline so that they can take responsibility for their own actions.
  • a strong, collaborative partnership between families, the school, the community and the local education authority.


Our values are:

  • our children will be treated with dignity, respect and guidance to help them develop to  their full potential.
  • our children will not suffer discrimination on the grounds of their race, faith, gender or ability.
  • our children are entitled to be kept safe from harm.
  • our children and their families are entitled to our honesty.
  • our staff members will promote and support their own and each others professional development.