Years 5 and 6

Teacher - Mr. S. Brown:

HLTA - Miss. T. Stairs

Curriculum map autumn 2021

Autumn Term 2021

Dear Year 5/6, 

Welcome to the autumn term! Let's hope it is an uniterrupted and enjoyable term.

Important information:

  • P.E. takes place on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons as well as Friday morning.
  • Homework will be handed out on a Friday. Homework should be completed and handed in by the following Thursday, unless topic based.
  • Spellings will be handed out on a Friday. Although these will be practised in school, further practise at home will be beneficial.
  • Children should (preferably) read at home every day. Research has shown that reading with your child for as little as 10 minutes each day has a significant impact on reading ability.
  • Children can arrive at school between 8.40 and 8.55
  • Pick up time at the end of the day is 15.15

If you have any questions regarding the class or your child, do not hesitate to leave a note or comment in your child's reading record or, alternatively, email me at the address above.

Best regards,

Mr. Brown                                                  

Below are some examples of the excellent portraits that years 5 and 6 have completed as part of our art unit. Well done class. Click on the image to enlarge.

Below are some of the home learning projects that the class produced for our Earth and Space science unit. The class has done an oustanding job. Click on the image to enlarge.