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Walkern Primary School

Years 5 and 6

Teacher - Mr. Brown:

Teaching Assistant - Mrs. Eastwood


Summer term

Dear Year 5, 

Welcome to week 11 of the summer term. There are only 2 weeks until the summer break! It has been a very strange year 5 experience for us all.

On the timetable are the usual range of core and foundation subjects but I have included spelling (see resources below) and times tables practise - both of these are important. In the resources section below you will also find maths activity booklets (with separate answer booklets) as well as two grammar booklets with answers, if you wish to do extra work.

If you are attempting the work that I have been putting on the school website each week, please could you e-mail me what you do each day so that I can check it. Your work (maths and English) preferably needs to be completed on a computer, although you could send me photos of art work or other activities for me to put on our class page.

Do not feel under pressure to complete the work that has been set because we understand that learning at home can be challenging. It would be useful though if you could attempt some of the work regularly.

I look forward to seeing you all very soon. In the meantime, please stay safe and enjoy your time at home. Remember, you can e-mail me using Purple Mash if you need to, or just to say hello. Parents can e-mail on the e-mail address at the top of the page.

Best wishes,

Mr. Brown


SUMMER TERM 2 WORK                                                                                                    

Week 6 Summer Term WC: 1.6.20

Week 7 Summer Term WC: 8.6.20

Week 8 Summer Term WC: 15.6.20

Week 9 Summer Term WC: 22.6.20

Week 10 Summer Term WC: 29.6.20

Week 11 Summer Term WC: 6.7.20


 Science Lesson 1 Human Timeline

Science Lesson 2 Growth of Babies

Science Lesson 3 Puberty

Lesson 3 Activity Sheets

Science lesson 4 Old Age

Lesson 4 Activity Sheets

Science Lesson 5 Gestation Period

Science Lesson 6 Life Expectancy




Below is some of the amazing art that Daisy Cole has produced whilst we've been away from school. Isn't Daisy amazing!