Sequence of Learning

At Walkern, we take a hands-on approach to learning history.  Learning about the past is an important part of the curriculum, but learning occurs best through a variety of mediums.  History teaches children empathy, an understanding of the world, and an appreciation of the time period in which they live.

We teach through video, images, lectures, discussions and with guest speakers from the historical society.  The children cover a broad range of content, dating back to 500,000BC and studies of early peoples and carrying through up to modern history and discussions about the future.  We take every opportunity to bring our history learning alive so children can be submerged into the concept of the past and benefit from first hand experiences.  Our curriculum covers a broad range of eras, beginning with Early Peoples in the stone age, leading up to World War II and beyond.  However, it is the teaching of transferable skills that we aim to include, so that the children can apply their understanding of bias, investigation and research into their lives in a broader way. 

Years 5 and 6 visited the RAF museum in Hendon as part of their World War 2 history topic

Year Two recreate the Great Fire of London

Year One travel back in time to experience schooling in the Victorian Era