Phonics & Early Reading     Little Wandle


At Walkern Primary School we love reading.

We love reading in school with our teachers and following Little Wandle Letters & Sounds. 

Little Wandle Letters & Sounds Progression 

We love reading at home with our parents and carers.

We love that we are growing to be independent and confident readers. 

We are committed to ensuring that all children not only have a love of reading but can read with confidence, fluency and understanding. To ensure this we follow the Little Wandle Letters & Sounds scheme. Children begin their journey into reading with daily phonics lessons in Reception and Year One. This daily practice of phonics, where children learn to correspond written letters to the sounds they hear and put them together to make a word, is the gateway into reading. Reading however is more than phonics alone. Alongside developing the children's phonetic competence we engage the children into reading with books that excite and motivate them. Through regular reading children develop their use of prosody (intonation, rhythm and stress), their understanding and develop comprehension skills. We believe that reading is one of the greatest gifts that an adult can give to a child. We want all parents and carers in our school community to feel confident in supporting their children to read and to be excited in helping them on this wonderful journey. Please use the resources below to help you help your children!

If you are looking to support your child with their reading then please watch the Online Phonics Workshop below. This will give you an overall guide to what phonics is, some key rules of phonics and simple strategies to help your child at home.