Art and Design 


Art & Design Sequence of Learning 


At Walkern we ensure a broad and balanced Art and Design curriculum that aims to not only inspire children, but ensure the progressive development of knowledge and skills. We seek to  inspire and challenge pupils, enabling them to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design. Children produce creative work that is reflective of first-hand experiences, inspiration from current and historical artists, and from their imaginations. Throughout their time in school children develop their confidence and competence in controlling materials and tools. They acquire  knowledge and become proficient in various art and design techniques and processes. This also involves developing an awareness of the visual and tactile elements including; colour, pattern and texture, line and tone, shape, form and space. Through our continuous reflective practice children develop an appreciation the visual arts and develop a knowledge of significant artists, craftspeople and designers. They become increasingly aware of the roles and purposes of art and design in different times and cultures and analyse works using the language of art and design and develop a cross-curricular approach to the use of art and design in all subjects. 


Years 5 and 6:

For this art unit, years 5 and 6 have explored portraits through a variety of genres and using a range of mediums.

Year 2 have been learning about different artists.