Sequence of Learning


Geography is the study of places in the world and the people that inhabit them.  It is not just the study of physical locations, but also the human geography - the effect that people have on a place via factors such as tourism, economics and trade.  By studying geography, children learn that their own world is very small but that through learning about the rest of the planet, they can develop an understanding of a much larger world.

The curriculum establishes a base level understanding of geography in Year 1.  From there, we develop the children’s use of geographical vocabulary and encourage them to communicate their findings effectively. Children leave the school with an interest in Geography and the ever-changing world.  We also encourage transferable skills such as asking questions, use of technology to investigate the world and understanding others.

Years 5 and 6 investigated coastal erosion as part of Our Changing World geography unit.

Year 2 had fun starting off their Geography topic by making paper plate maps of the world.

Year 2 have been researching different countries.