Autumn Term 2023

A few of the highlights from the Autumn Term


Early in the term, Year One visited Ardeley Farm.

" We fed the pigs with apples and we went in the fairy garden."

"It was a TEN!"

The Year 5 & 6 Basket Ball Team performed well in their first tournament at Barnwell School.

" We faced 14 different schools and came 4th overall!"

"Some of the other teams were really good but we worked together and used the skills Mr A taught us."

On the Monday following Bonfire Night we held our annual bonfire.

"I love it when we get to collet sticks to throw on the fire and I loved melting the marshmallows." 

"We're saying thank you that the King didn't die because Guy Fawkes didn't get to burn down the Houses of Parliament."

At the beginning of December, the children enjoyed taking part in our Christmas Bedtime Stories session. Thanks to the PTA for supplying the hot chocolate and biscuits.

"We wore our pyjamas and our teacher read us Christmas stories."

"We even went home in our pyjamas!"

"One of the stories was funny because we had to find Santa's underpants!"

The whole school loved coming together for our Christmas Dinner. 

"Christmas dinner was excellent. The turkey is my favourite and Lisa made so many puddings!"

"Singing 'Last Christmas' together was great!"

Thank you to everyone in the school community who has helped this term. The PTA Christmas Shop was a great success and we made it safely through to Christmas, despite the Elves being up to no good!