Local Visits


We love making the most of our local area and are very lucky to be surrounded by open fields, adventurous space to explore and a thriving community village. 

Reception & Year 3  Explore Autumn - 23rd November 2021

On Tuesday Reception and Year 3 made the most of our beautiful surroundings together. Reception hunted for signs of Autumn to collect whilst Year 3 drew on the nature to inspire their creative writing, practising a number of techniques.


Reception Church Visit - 18th November 2021

Reception walked to St Mary's Church where we were greeted by Rev. Bailey in the porch who took us on a tour of the church. We discovered what happens in all the different rooms and areas of the church, and realised they are very similar to the rooms in our homes! We all took a turn ringing the church bell and learnt that the church bell is rung to welcome people into the church rather than by people asking to come in. We also learnt that the dining room at the front of the church is the most important room of the church and at the back of the church is the baby room, where new babies are celebrated and welcomed to the world.