Year 3 parent reading advice

Year 3 Autumn Term Curriculum Map 2021

Year 3 Spring Term Curriculum Map 2022

Year 3 Summer Term Curriculum Map 2022 - Important note: The subjects here are only those taught on a Friday to the whole class.  For other subjects, please check the relevant Year 2/3 or Year 3/4 curriculum Maps.



Year 3

Class Teacher - Mr Absalom

Class Teacher (Wednesday) - Mrs Burton

January 12th 2022

Welcome back to Spring 1!  I hope you all had an absolutely marvellous Christmas and are ready to return to learning.  This year, our curriculum is moving on!  Instead of learning Early Peoples in history, we are now going to be explorers together and taking on The Whole Wide World!  In English, we will be learning all about a range of different writing types including poetry, explanation texts and play scripts.  In maths, we will keep cycling through addition and subtraction in a number of different ways.


This term, we also begin swimming!  Swimming takes place on a Wednesday morning and will continue through after half-term.  Please insure that children have the required equipment necessary as outlined in the letter that was sent home.  If you have any questions regarding swimming, please feel free to contact the office or email me at


In addition, to those of you who were unaware, Mr Absalom is going to be becoming a father during half-term!  If baby Absalom is as well behaved and sensible as her parents, there should be little disruption to the class.  The current plan is for Mrs Burton to take over the class for two weeks following half term ( 21st February - March 6th) and all lessons and activities will continue as normal.  If baby is early or late, we will endeavour to keep you and your children informed.  


November 12th 2021

Welcome back to Autumn term 2!  It's been a busy start to the second half-term already with the children producing sets of instructions in English, designing juggling balls in Design Technology and learning all about internet safety in computing.  In maths, we've been looking at the formal written method of addition (it was called adding in columns when I was at school!) and next week, we're doing the same with subtraction.


Thank you to all the parents continuing to hear their children read on a daily basis.  This really does have a marked, positive effect on children's attainment.


I am aware that some of you have still not heard from me RE: Parents' evening.  I have called all of you at some point, but I understand lots of you work and are busy!  Please be aware calls from me may come from an unknown number.  I will catch the last few of you as soon as I can, if I don't manage to speak to you over the phone this afternoon.

October 22nd 2021

We have reached the end of our first half term together!  It has been a fantastic start to the year and every child within the class has made some excellent effort in their learning.  Please keep listening to your children read over the half-term break and ensure that they get lots of rest so that they are ready for the start of Autumn 2 and the run up to Christmas!  I look forward to seeing you all in November for our second half term.  Have a fantastic week off!

September 10th 2021 

Just a note to say how amazing the class have been so far already.  We have done some outstanding work and they have really impressed me with their attitudes and enthusiasm for learning.  It great to be able to work with such an inspiring bunch of young people and I look forward to getting to know them better throughout the year.

Autumn Term 2021

Welcome back!

It's a new year and we are back, hopefully for good this time!  

It has been an absolute pleasure to meet all the children again this morning and we have already had a fantastic start to the year.  We have a busy year ahead, but with the right attitude we will conquer all challenges to the best of our ability!

More information will be added over the following week or two, but in the meantime:

  • We have PE sessions Tuesday-Friday so please ensure that your child brings their PE kit in as soon as possible.
  • Homework will be going out on Fridays starting from the 10th of September and will go out each Friday to be returned by the following Wednesday.
  • Spellings will also go out on Fridays, please help your child to practise in preparation for mini-tests on Thursdays.
  • If you have any questions about the year or class, do not hesitate to leave a note or comment in your child's reading record or alternatively feel free to email me at

Most importantly:

Please listen to your child read every day.  Ten minutes a day will lead to huge progress in every subject and has been scientifically proven to be massively advantageous in numerous scientific studies.  The importance of daily home reading cannot be overstated.  Please keep up with this if for no other reason than to keep me off of your back!