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Walkern Primary School

Year 3


Class Teacher - Mr Absalom

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Eastwood


For more detailed topic planning for the units we would normally cover in Summer Term, please see the Year 3 home Summer Term Topics link above.  Due to licencing issues, I am unable to host the planning files directly here, but there is an explanation of how they can be accessed in the word document.  Thank you.

Enjoy listening to Mr Absalom reading The Emperor’s New Clothes below!



Summer 2020


 I hope that everyone had a nice Easter holiday and that you are all doing well and looking after yourselves during this lockdown period.  My thoughts are with you all and I can't wait to see you again as soon as it is safe.  Until schools return, I will be uploading weekly timetables of work here which can be accessed by clicking the name of the week.  Each timetable contains links to a variety of websites which we will be using for work.

As previously stated, do not feel pressured to complete this work if you do not believe it is the correct thing to do for the mental health of your children.  There are infinite learning opporunities around the house and this is only a guideline of provision to those who feel a formalised learning structure is best suited for their children and/or current lifestyle.


Summer Term Week One Home Learning

Summer Term Week Two Home Learning

Summer Term Week Three Home Learning

Summer Term Week Four Home Learning

Summer Term Week Five Home Learning

Summer Term Week Six Home Learning

Summer Term Week Seven Home Learning

Summer Term Week Eight Home Learning

Summer Term Week Nine Home Learning

Summer Term Week Ten Home Learning

Summer Term Final Week Home Learning

                                                                                                                            Spring 2020

Spring Term in Year 3

Christmas is over and we are back for spring! This is a shorter term but we have a lot to get through. We are moving on to brand new science units – forces and magnets, followed by plants. Our history topic has changed to geography and we are learning about the world, focussing on a selection of countries. We have a range of different English and maths units this term – progressing through the curriculum.

This term we have also started our class swimming, which takes place on a Friday for ten weeks.